Set Apart

Gift of Hope is more than fair trade.  It's more than employment.  At its roots, Gift of Hope is designed as a holistic approach to break the cycle of poverty.  Lives are not only being changed because of income, but also through discipleship, education, and the investment of relationships.


A Living Wage

Every employee earns a "living wage".  This is at least 3-4 times the set minimum wage.  A living wage not only allows our employees to afford their needs like food, rent, and schooling for their children, but it also allows them to support their communities.  Several of our employees have adopted babies whose mothers died in childbirth - instead of turning to an orphanage, our employees are financially stable enough to offer them a family!  Other employees have told us, "I used to be the person asking for help, and now people know they can come to me when they have a desperate need."    


Joy, Hope, and Love

We begin our days with devotion and worship and an attitude of worship continues as we work.

Many of our mothers come looking for work feeling desperate and alone.  They are often too insecure to look us in the eyes as they explain their situations of abuse and poverty.  But one of the most exciting aspects of this work is seeing all of that shame and fear washed away and replaced with joy and dignity!

Gift of Hope is a beautiful support system!


The Focus on Family

While it's easy to see Gift of Hope as a "job creation" program, the true purpose behind it all is orphan prevention.  Jobs need to be created so children are not left in institutions.  Mothers often believe an orphanage would be able to feed and care for their child better than they can in their poverty.  However, we believe that children were created for FAMILY and no one can do a better job than Mom!

When additional assistance is needed, we work to provide our moms with school sponsorships, nutrition assistance and education, and financial budgeting to encourage a successful family.