Our Story

Shortly after the earthquake in 2010, a desperate mother came to us with a dying three-month-old infant. He had been hospitalized and on oxygen during the earthquake. His bed was needed for earthquake victims, and the nurses told his mother she should take him home because, “he was going to die anyway”. She wrapped him in a blanket and began walking the several hour-long journey home. She didn’t dare look down, in fear that he would already be dead. When she arrived in her village, Haiti Foundation Against Poverty, the organization who founded and directs Gift of Hope, was running a clinic not far from her house. She brought the tiny bundle in her arms and laid him before us. Refusing to look at him, she begged us to take him. This dear mother had watched two of her children die before her eyes, and her heart could not go through the excruciating pain a third time.

Within a few weeks, the little boy grew stronger and healthier in our care. His recovery was a true miracle. His story is not rare. Time after time mothers come to our gate, or our clinics, bringing their children in desperation. Not once has a mother said, “I don’t love my child. I don’t want to care for them.” Their reasoning is always the need for food, medications, or other necessities they cannot afford. Feeling they have no choice left, they search and plead for help. When we ask these mothers, “If you could provide for your child, would you want to keep him?” The answer is almost always a resounding yes!

If mothers had an income to provide basic needs for their children they could remain a family and save themselves the emotional agony of separation. That is what Gift of Hope is all about. Poverty orphan prevention


Poverty should not create orphans...

Gift of Hope provides opportunity, training, discipleship and jobs to women who desire to keep their children, but simply cannot afford to do so. Poverty should not create orphans.  Gift of Hope empowers struggling families to have a brighter tomorrow.


Purchase for a Purpose

Many of the unique, beautiful, and professionally made items our mothers are making are available for purchase here on this website. There is a direct correlation between the amount of products sold and the number of children who are spared living life as a poverty orphan. Your purchases allow us to hire and train more mothers, allowing them to keep their families together. Gift of Hope is eliminating poverty orphans one employment opportunity at a time.


Haiti Foundation Against Poverty

Gift of Hope is a part of Haiti Foundation Against Poverty.  HFAP’s mission is to restore families, empower Haitians to rise above poverty, and spread the message of the Gospel.  This is done through education, job creation, infant nutrition support, and medical care.  For more information please visit: www.haitipoverty.org.

*Pictured above: HFAP Founder andCo-Director Mallery Neptune with the baby brother of the little boy who started it all.  Mallery and her husband Frentz Neptune are the founders and directors of Gift of Hope.