Gift of Hope
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Gift of Hope
Empowering Mothers,Preventing Orphans.




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Our Mission


Gift of Hope is offering mothers and children the confidence, dignity, and hope to remain a family.  When mothers knock on our gate, desperate and hungry, they often feel hopeless enough to leave their child(ren) in an orphanage where they believe they will be better cared for. With high levels of corruption and low accountability, children in orphanages often grow up hungry, lonely and ill-cared for. We at Gift of Hope believe that no child should grow up in an institution.
Children were created for FAMILY.

Poverty should not create orphans.

Every purchase matters.


Fashion with a Purpose

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Every product is tagged with the name, photo, and a short biography of the woman who made it. 

Why?  Because this is personal.

Our women are proud of their work. 
And we want you to connect with the mothers your purchases impact.